Piss Alley in Shinjuku, Tokyo (ph. Daniele Grattarola)

I went to Japan with the expectation of finding a culture perfectly balanced between the immovable certainty of the past and the unforgiving, unstoppable forward pull of the future. These are, after all, the two forces that I find myself subject to every day of my life: a hard, consolidated core of ground beliefs and values (like family, loyalty, tradition), and a constant attraction towards the bleeding edge, the unknown, the new.

I won’t hide, however, that there are other reasons for which this unique country exercises a heavy charisma over me, reasons that I think can be easily shared by many other people of my generation.

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The Allen Telescope Array (Public domain)

Attirbuted to Enrico Fermi as a back-of-the-envelope astrobiological philosphy exercise, Fermi’s paradox is a simply put question: where is everybody?
In other words, if life is a truly common phenomenon in the universe, then the probability of a civilization solving the problem of interstellar travel should be pretty high, and the effects of such a civilization on the galaxy should be extremely evident to an observer (think entire stars being instantly harvested for power).
However, the SETI remains unsuccessful, hence where is everyone?

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Australian Outback (ph. Daniele Grattarola)

This blog is an updated version of my old edgy, teenage-years blog at exsubstantia.com. I kept a somewhat similar style because I like the way Exsubstantia looks, but I hope that the difference in content will speak for itself.

I will use this blog to talk mostly about two things:

  1. interesting concepts that I come across when working on my research and projects
  2. interesting stuff that I come across when traveling around

but I’ll try to keep it varied, and also talk about other interesting things. I will try to include code whenever necessary, but for more complex projects you can check out my Github. You can also find me on Twitter and Instagram as @riceasphait.